Benefit from a centralized back office

Integrate all your data for better information sharing

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Commercial Facilitation

Catalogue Organization
and product sheets

Content administration


Review and Follow-up

Service Management
(After Sales Service)


Configuring the
user accounts

Import / Export of data
in connection with the ERP

With the centralized back office, integrate all your data for better information sharing with your central system.

Organize the referencing of your products and keep in touch with your customers.


Get full visibility of your sales and easily access your orders to modify or confirm them.

Sales events

Create the event and highlight your products according to your e-merchandising strategies:



  • Sharing visuals, photos, videos, sales support documents..
  • Additions of banners, carousels, sliders, pop-ups to adapt the staging of your articles according to the periods of the year (News, Bests, Must Have, Promos of the moment…)

Accompany the taking of orders
of your buyers:


  • Send your customers business suggestions with product selections just for them
  • Offer them the opportunity to make product presets, saved in their favorites.
  • Create personalized invitations to develop special relationships (invitations to VIP events, ephemeral sales, etc.)

Content administration

Manage your content according to your customer profile and the seasonality of your products:

  • Detailed information on product characteristics
  • Management of promotions and discounts
  • Enrich your data by adding photos, videos
  • Share POS with your customers (posters, flyers…)

Organization of catalog
and product sheets

Organize your digital catalog and your product sheets for a smoother navigation and a simplified purchase path.



  • Definition of the tree structure (families, subfamilies)
  • Customization of display orders
  • Use of association products to complete the basket, substitution in case of out of stock items

Product Sheets:

  • Definition of item fields (label, brand, reference, description, assignment…)
  • Advanced field setup
  • Specificities (tariffs, packaging, stocks, etc.)

Always in touch with your ERP and your PIM.


Customer part

and follow-up of orders

With a few clicks:

  • Control/ modify/ confirm current orders,
  • Access to the purchase history

Sort your data using different search filters:

  • By date of order,
  • By status (in progress, validated, cancelled…),
  • Commercially…

Access key information in real time:

  • Turnover,
  • Customer outstandings, margins,
  • Forecast orders,
  • Frequency of visit, rate of customers not seen, customer coverage…



Service Management
(After Sales Service)

Manage your customer complaints and respond to their requests via the service module.

IT Part

User Account Configuration

Create and set up accounts according to the user profile (sales, ADV, Manager, Client, etc.).

Manage the associated rights for each (secure access, authorized features, etc.)


Import/Export of data
directly linked to the ERP

Bulk import and export data for faster, more reliable and better sharing across departments:

  • Customer account
  • Order History
  • Item sheets
  • Promotions…

Configure your data according to the product range, business needs and profile of your customers :

  • Definition of product types and categories, options with color variations, size…
  • Management of sales units, packs, assortments, packaging
  • Tariff policy according to quantities ordered,
  • Management of free port
    Personalized pricing policy of the customer, promotions
  • Payment method
  • Delivery method
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